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Riverview 1B+1D assignment (617sqf) Asking Price: 561000

Wednesday May 20th, 2020

Markham Riverview 1+1 Assignment

Builder: Times Group Project Name: Riverview Bldg C Style: Condo Apt Flooring: 5/F Sq Ft: 617sq ft  Bedrooms: 1+1   Washroom: 1 Fronting: South Original Price: $444,900 Asking Price: $561,000 Deposit Paid: $44,490 (10%) Balance have to pay $66,735 Maintenance Fee: $0.43 per sq ft Occupancy on: Summer 2021 Include 1 parking & 1 locker   [read more]

When will the Canada Housing Market recover?

Tuesday May 19th, 2020


The latest data shows home prices tumbled in April across Canada's largest cities. The transaction volume has improved in May so far but still is very low compared with the previous year. Due to the limited supplies amid the uncertainty of the current market, fewer buyers are rushing into buying the property.   CMHC is forecasting the housing market will not be fully recovered until 2022. Many Canadians are having trouble meeting their mortgage commitments. Currently, about... [read more]

Will virtual technology eliminates the physical showing of the real estate?

Sunday May 17th, 2020

Toronto Real Estate

During the pandemic, I have seen plenty of technologies that enhance human interactions remotely. Many of these technologies are simple to use, each efficient in its way. Others are highly sophisticated, giving an additional edge to the business models. As a realtor in Toronto, I have embraced the many innovations offered by these advantageous technologies. The 3D virtual tour is used more frequently now in the Toronto real estate market. Miraculously, it only takes one to two hours to map... [read more]

56 Comoq Ave (Weston/Rutherford)

Thursday Apr 16th, 2020

Vaughan Semi-Detached

Offer Date: April 30, 2020 56 Comoq Ave, Vaughan Type: Semi-Detached Square Footage: 1500-2000sqf Price: $799,000 MLS: N4743363     SCHOOL INFORMATION 1-8 Grades Only FOSSIL HILL PUBLIC SCHOOL 2 FIRENZA RD., WOODBRIDGE ElementaryMiddleEnglish Fraser 1338/3037 (6.4) 9-12 Grades Only TOMMY DOUGLAS SECONDARY SCHOOL 4020 Major Mackenzie Drive, Vaughan SecondaryEnglish Fraser... [read more]

Coronavirus and the Toronto Housing Market

Monday Mar 16th, 2020

Toronto housing market Real Estate

It was still a distance story for many Canadian when Coronavirus broke out in China a few months ago. It seems that nobody here cared too much about this virus. But to many Chinese Canadian, they have already seen so much bad news about this fearful disease circulating in social media each day. From the disruption of daily life and business to the extent of life and death of a person and family, the virus spreads like wide fire. It was a shocking turn when the news broadcasted about the... [read more]

Canada Real Estate Market 2020

Wednesday Mar 4th, 2020

Toronto Real Estate

Is Canada's real estate market recovering? The real estate market in Canada is undergoing some exciting changes. Areas like Vancouver and Toronto had an underwhelming showing in the first half of 2019 but did pretty good near the end of 2019. There are similar results for other areas in Canada, and this is great for everyone. The steady rise in mortgages and the slight increase in units sold is what made the end of 2019 a great time for real estate in Canada. Will this hold up in 2020... [read more]

Two Facts You Should Know About Toronto Real Estate

Monday Feb 17th, 2020

Toronto Real Estate

Real estate is a crucial element to life, as a human being. Whether you like to think so or not, real estate affects every one of us in a colossal way. Whether you are a real estate agent, trying to sell homes to home buyers, or are a family oriented person looking for your forever home, real estate will become an essential focus at some point in your life. A lot of people choose to find that forever home just so that they can stay away from the real estate scene. The idea of real estate... [read more]

105 LACROSSE Trail Vaughan - $1,299,900

Wednesday Feb 5th, 2020

Vaughan Double Detached House for Sale

  Are you looking for the ideal home to settle down? If so, then you may already have the opportunity to become the owner of a beautiful house located at 105 LACROSSE TR in Kleinburg, a village belonging to the city of Vaughn founded in 1848 between the tributaries of the Humber River with a population of more than 4 thousand people.     This house has over 2500 square feet, the first floor is high-end hardwood floors throughout, four... [read more]

Alan Zheng achieved the Top Tier Award - Diamond Award in 2019

Thursday Jan 16th, 2020

Real Estate Diamond Award

Royal LePage Peaceland Realty held the 2019 Annual Dinner and Awards Gala in the Crystal Fountain Ballroom in Markham on the evening of January 10, 2020. Nearly 400 employees and their families, partners, and friends gathered to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of this event. Alan Zheng achieved the Top Tier Award - Diamond Award in 2019 based on its outstanding performance. In Royal LePage National Level Market Standard, the award winner represents the top 4-5% of the Great... [read more]

Richmond Hill Preconstruction Freehold townhouses from the $800's

Monday Jan 13th, 2020

Richmond Hill Richland Preconstruction Townhouse

  Estimated Completion: March 2021.   Project Introduction Four major developers, Arista, Deco, Fieldgate, and Opus, are involved in Richlands Project. Each of them is widely recognized and trustworthy for its low-rise building development capabilities. The cooperation of four reliable builders will only make this large size project better and more perfect.  Excellent Community   Richlands' master plan is suited in the heart of Richmond Hill... [read more]

Markham Gold Preconstruction Freehold Townhouse - 3 Bed Rooms starting at $800K+

Monday Jan 13th, 2020

Markham Gold Pre-Construction

    【Markham GOLD TOWNHOUSE】 In the core area of Markham, the top school district    HIGHLIGHT 1 Convenient transportation Minutes walk to GO Transit   Markham Gold is a few minutes away from Mount Joy GO Train Station, which takes you less than an hour to reach Union Station in downtown Toronto. Whether it's a daily commute, commuting to school, watching a basketball game at Scotiabank Arena,... [read more]

What To Look For When Buying An Condo Apartment

Sunday Jan 12th, 2020


Buying a condo apartment is a big step in life. It's one any buyer should take with a great deal of care. If you are looking for an apartment to call your own, you'll want the best choice for your hard-earned funds. For anyone in search of the right apartment, it helps to keep in mind proper preparation and research before they begin the buying process. Details like a number of bedrooms you want as well as access to outdoor space can set you up for the perfect choice. Bedrooms and... [read more]

Untitled Condo - Upcoming Preconstruction in Yonge/Eglinton

Saturday Jan 11th, 2020

Untitled Condo Toronto

    Untitled Condos is a new preconstruction condo sets in the heart of Midtown Toronto, development by Reserve Properties & Westdale. The property is located at Yonge & Eglinton, a short walk from convenient living facilities and green spaces of the city. The current subway and future LRT lines are converging here. Companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, RioCan are all located here. It is a popular western mainstream community with typical high-end market... [read more]

Should I Buy a Low Price House In Toronto On Busy Streets ?

Wednesday Jan 1st, 2020

Toronto house on busy street

    Purchasing a new house can be a tough situation. Although this is generally an exciting time for homeowners, so many factors and variables come into play when you choose to purchase a home. In addition to your budget and family size, other factors such as your employment circumstance and living region will also play contributing factors to the choice you make when buying a home. For a big city that is busy like Toronto, these factors are even stronger influences. Another... [read more]

Selling A Home With Kids

Saturday Dec 28th, 2019

Selling a home with Kids

When upgrading your family's living, you need to take into account many things which include the person's finances, daily commute and the kind of amenities you want in the new house. One of the most crucial elements to pay attention to the new home is the effect on the children. Children have different needs than adults. All parents want to plan their kids for a move correctly. They also want to make sure that any new home is one that will help children find all they need in the new... [read more]

How to find the perfect condo for you

Monday Dec 23rd, 2019

Toronto Condo

Toronto Condo prices have been rising fast for the past several years. In the year 2018, under the dual pressure of mortgage stress tests and rising interest rates, many first-time buyers couldn't afford detached home, making condo the only choice for homeownership. Given intense buyer competitions, finding a perfect condo is a challenging task. As a result of this, I have identified several critical criteria to assist you in finding an ideal condo.   Budget It would be... [read more]

58 Ridgepoint Road Vaughan - $1,870,000 - (This property was SOLD!)

Sunday Dec 1st, 2019

58 Ridgepoint Rd Vaughan

  Are you looking for the ideal space to settle down? If so, then you may already have the opportunity to become the owner of a beautiful house located at 58 Ridgepoint Road in Kleinburg, a village belonging to the city of Vaughn founded in 1848 between the tributaries of the Humber River with a population of more than 4 thousand people.     This house has over 5000 square meters of vast spaces, distributed in 2 storeys with hardwood floors, four bedrooms,... [read more]

How to locate the best condos for sale in Toronto?

Sunday Nov 24th, 2019

Toronto Condo

Finding the right condo in Toronto is a real hustle. Many options can pop up from time to time with the difference in prices. It may sound a little daunting at first, but here I will share with you some vital information on how to hunt for the best sales available. It is easier than it sounds; you only need the power of the internet! A few clicks, along with keywords, and you will find excellent sales. But first, let’s talk about the best zones of Toronto to look out for a condo. I... [read more]

"Are you First Time Buyer?” The things that Need To consider Before Buying a House

Wednesday Nov 20th, 2019

Toronto housing market Real Estate Alan Zheng

For most people buying a new home is once in a lifetime affair and thus needs much care and thought before committing hard-earning money. Sometimes it can be very confusing, and you must be clear about all the aspects entailed in such transactions. However, there is more to a home purchase than choosing your favorite listing and moving in. It would be best if you considered several things before buying a house that can help you to make the right decision. First of all, you need to ask... [read more]

Home-improvement trends that you should avoid when selling your home

Monday Nov 18th, 2019

Home Improvement

Generally, when it comes to home improvements, these can be very useful to highlight the best of their spaces and thereby capture the interest of potential buyers in a sales situation. However, it is inevitable to take into account the impacts which can have on the final price of the property. Since, depending on the type of improvement applied, this can increase or decrease its value.     Within the home improvements, there are tendencies that although they can... [read more]

Balance three elements to sell your house

Sunday Nov 17th, 2019


When selling a house, many homeowners believe their homes are perfect and should worth more than their neighbours. It is valid after so many years of living that homeowners had a lot of good memories in it. They have developed long-lasting emotional attachments to the house, which are priceless assets to the owner. But to prospective buyers, this asset does not apply. Buyers are seeking a perfect home to suit their own needs. The PERFECT means the best price, best location, and best condition.... [read more]

Selling a home in Winter

Sunday Nov 10th, 2019

Toronto winter houses

Like last year, a wet and chilly Halloween preceded the cold winter. The first snowfall in Toronto happened in early Nov 2019. With the temperature going down, many buyers are still actively searching for their dream homes. As a seller, better preparation will give you an upper hand to sell the house smoothly even in the coldest winter season. Many home buyers only look for a well-kept home. In winter, it is easy to know whether a seller takes care of s/his home thoroughly. Let's... [read more]

Buying a dream home is a task of prioritization

Monday Oct 21st, 2019

Toronto housing market Real Estate

Hunting and acquiring a dream home can be a very daunting task. Buyers are more prudent and diligent in searching for an ideal home. Many clients ask Alan Zheng what the best strategy to purchase a home is. Here go some most notable factors to contemplate when purchasing a home. Location is the prime determinant of investing a property. Well, we all know given scarce availability of land in downtown Toronto, the property value in Center Toronto worth more than perimeter cities of GTA,... [read more]

Sell a home in autumn

Friday Oct 18th, 2019

Markham Real Estate

It is another autumn, and the fall color in Toronto is spectacular. While many plans for a flawless fall foliage tour, it is undisputable many brilliant colors are just around our neighborhood.    There are so many ravines scattered throughout the Great Toronto. It is beautiful at all times of the year but reaches its peak in the fall when the leaves turn to bright red color.              York Region, including the city of Vaughan,... [read more]

Will Chinese Buyer buy your home?

Saturday Oct 12th, 2019

Toronto housing market Real Estate

When selling a house in the York region (North GTA, including Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan), the probability that the purchaser will be a new immigrant family will be high. According to a recent census by the York region, 51,410 new immigrants moved into the region between 2011 and 2016, and around 40% of them are... [read more]

Importance of home Staging - House for Sale!

Saturday Oct 5th, 2019

Toronto Housing sales

I often tell my clients that selling a house is like a competition. Comparable houses in a neighbourhood will draw away potential buyers. Identifying the target buyer will help you plan well before the sale. And proper home staging will help your home stand out and be sold fast and above market price. Some view home staging is a waste of money, as any house can sell when the market is hot. However, buyers in today’s market have many alternatives. They want to know how to place... [read more]

How to price your house most effectively under current market in Toronto

Saturday Sep 28th, 2019

Toronto housing market Real Estate

  We all know that the market today is very different from what it was two years ago. Buyers are more rational in purchasing houses today. There are also many options on the market for buyers to choose from. Given that the affordability of housing in Toronto is weakened by numerous governmental policies, this situation will not change any time soon. If a seller still wants to sell a house at the price he could have sold it for in the past, he will be very... [read more]

Tretti Condos is a New Condo development located close Wilson Subway(line 1)

Friday Jul 5th, 2019

Tretti Preconstruction Condo

Tretti Condos is a New Condo development by CollecDev located at Wilson and Tippett , Toronto - 5 mins walking to Toronto Wilson Subway. Suite Type Size Range Starting From One Bedroom 480sqf $436,990 Two Bedroom & Two Bathroom 593sqf $548,990 Wilson Ave. and Tippett Rd. will soon be home to new 13 and 14 storey residences proposed by Collecdev. This development is jam-packed with all the perks of... [read more]

One bedroom Assignment Downtown Toronto 177 Front Street East

Saturday Jun 22nd, 2019

Toronto Condo Assignment for Sale

Asking Price: $450K - 460 SQF     1. Down Payment: $160K 2. Pocession Date: November 2020 3. Floor Level: 14 4. Facing: North 5. Estimated Maintainace: 0.58/square feet 6. Estimated Rental: $1900/month 7. Location: Front St/Sherbourne       Time and Space Condos 1 and 2 is a New Condo development by Pemberton located at Front E and Lower Sherbourne , Toronto. Time and Space Condos is a Toronto pre-construction... [read more]

Two bedroom Assignment North York Toronto 117 Mcmahon Dr (Sheppard/Leslie)

Friday Jun 14th, 2019

Toronto North York Condo Assignment for Sale

Asking Price: $710K (1 parking + 1 Locker) - 848 SQF 1. Down Payment: $380K 2. Pocession Date: Immediate 3. Floor Level: 16 4 Facing: North East 5. Esttimated Maintainace: 0.53/square feet 6. Estimated Rental: $2550/month 7. Location: Leslie/Sheppard, 8 mins walk to Bessarion Subway Station   Opus Condos is a New Condo development by Concord-Adex located at Sheppard and Leslie , Toronto. Opus Condos, all for you. Endless... [read more]

One bedroom +Den Assignment Toronto 2255 Sheppard Ave E (Sheppard/404)

Friday Jun 14th, 2019

Toronto Condo Assignment for Sale

Asking Price: $475K (1 parking + 1 Locker) - 580 SQF 1. Down Payment: $230K 2. Pocession Date: March 2020 3. Floor Level: 5 4 Facing: West 5. Esttimated Maintainace: 0.56/square feet 6. Estimated Rental: $1900/month 7. Location: 404/Sheppard   Parfait at Atria Condos is a New Condo development by Tridel located at Settlers and Sheppard E, Toronto. Parfait at Atria Condos is a new condo development of the Atria Condos. Parfait condo is... [read more]

One bedroom +Den Assignment Toronto Yorkdale - 3 mins walk to Yorkdale Subway Station

Friday Jun 14th, 2019

Toronto Assignment for Sale

Asking Price: $443K (1 parking + 1 Locker) - 487 SQF 1. Down Payment: $200K 2. Pocession Date: Immediate 3. Floor Level: 8 4 Facing: South 5. Esttimated Maintainace: 0.53/square feet 6. Estimated Rental: $2000/month 7. Location: 3 Mins Walk to Yorkdale Subway Station   Brand New One Bedroom And Den With A Very Large Balcony. Modern European Kitchen. Stainless Steel Appliances *** Easy Access To Yorkdale Mall. 3 mins walk to Yorkdale Subway... [read more]

3 Bedrooms Condo For Rent (North York) $3,000.00

Thursday May 16th, 2019

117 Mcmahon Dr, Toronto

  ***Brand New***10th Floor, South East Facing,  Three Bedroom In Prestigious Bayview Village Area; Walking Distance To Two Subway Stations (Bessarion & Leslie). This Unit Features 9-Foot Ceilings; Two Closet In Master Br and Third Br; A Modern Kitchen With Integrated Appliances And Quartz Countertop; A Spa-Like Bath With Marble Tiles; Full-Sized Washer/Dryer; And Roller Blinds. Enjoy A Seamless Transition And Live With Ease In This Professionally Managed Suite. Move In... [read more]

2 Bed room condo near University of Toronto for Rent

Monday Feb 11th, 2019

Toronto downtown condo for rent

Luxury Brand New U-Condominium! Breathtaking South-West View. Upgraded Unit, 10 Ft Ceiling, Aprox 900 Sqft , With Great Sw View, In U Of T Campus, Steps To Queens Park, 3 Subway Stations, Close To Yorkville, Shops And Restaurant ,All Inclusive,Internet,Cable Tv Also Included,Great For Executive.   [read more]

8 Cedarland Pre-construction Condos Markham

Friday Feb 8th, 2019

Markham Preconstruction Condo 8 Cedarland

Please Register To Receive Floor Plans and Price List 8 Cedarland Condos is a pre-construction project by H & W Developments. Located at 8 Cedarland  In Markham, The Major Intersection are Hwy 7 & Warden. Architect By DIALOG. Eight Cedarland Condos has a total of 530 units. From one bedroom to four bedrooms. The True Luxury Condos, All Miele Appliances. Close to Future York Universituy Markham Campus Close to Pan AM Centre Step to YRT Stop and Very Close to ... [read more]

350K to buy a condo in Toronto

Monday Jan 28th, 2019


Recently, I've been working with a client who is looking to purchase a condo with two bedrooms at around CAD350K. As to date, Dec 2018, the average market price for condos in Toronto is CAD$594,381, it is a challenge to find a condo at such a price.  With my client's preferences, we identified several communities in both Scarborough and Etobicoke. The first condo we viewed is located in L'Amoreaux community. Though the building is around 40 years old, the apartment is... [read more]

Alan Zheng earned Royal Lepage Peaceland Top Award - Chairman Award in Annual Award Gala 2018

Monday Jan 21st, 2019


Royal LePage Peaceland Realty held Annual Gala on January 18, 2019. Hundreds of Agents and guests attended the banquet. Alan Zheng has been blessed with wonderful clients who have helped him earn many accolades and trust in the real estate industry over the past several years. At Royal Lepage Peaceland 2018 Anual Gala, Alan Zheng earned top award - Chairman Award for the outstanding performance.  Awards are really just meant to demonstrate to any clients that they can be confident... [read more]

Toronto Downtown condo assignment - $372K

Sunday Dec 23rd, 2018

Toronto Downtown condo assignment - $372K

  Axiom Condos, Luxury Meets Downtown East. Model 'Frederick 3' 435 Sq Ft Studio Floor Plan. Features 9Ft Ceiling Windows. Laminate Wood Floors Thru-Out. Ultra Modern Open Concept Kitchen With Quartz Countertop, Glass Tile Backsplash, S/S Appliances. 24Hr Concierge/Security System. Stunning Main Floor Lobby Lounge. St. Lawrence Market, T.T.C., George Brown, Ryerson, Parks, Shopping-Eaton Centre, Sugar Beach. This is Assignment Sale. Interim closing passed so can move in... [read more]

Recommendation from my client --Allan Casey & Marlene Yuzak

Tuesday Jan 30th, 2018


Working with Alan Zheng has been a highly rewarding experience. He pays attention to details and understands the big picture. We appreciated his rich international experience, multi-lingual abilities and extensive business-development background. Alan went above and beyond the call of duty to represent our interests in a highly competitive market. We have met some excellent agents over the years in both commercial and residential deals. We would extend our very highest recommendation to Alan... [read more]

Alan Zheng won president's gold award at Royal Lepage Peaceland 2017

Monday Jan 22nd, 2018


Royal Lepage 君安地产集团于今(1月12日)晚在多伦多「钓鱼台国宴」餐廳,隆重举办2017年度颁奖晚会。400多位君安的员工及家属、合作伙伴和各界朋友聚集一堂,共同庆祝君安地产在2017年取得的非凡成绩。                  Alan Zheng赢得了2017年度总统金奖。   君安地产总裁杨超(David... [read more]


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