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Selling a home in Winter

Sunday Nov 10th, 2019


Like last year, a wet and chilly Halloween preceded the cold winter. The first snowfall in Toronto happened in early Nov 2019. With the temperature going down, many buyers are still actively searching for their dream homes. As a seller, better preparation will give you an upper hand to sell the house smoothly even in the coldest winter season.

Many home buyers only look for a well-kept home. In winter, it is easy to know whether a seller takes care of s/his home thoroughly. Let's assume you are a buyer, and you entered a house for sale on a cold winter day. When you took off your shoes and grounded on the hard-frozen floor, you may feel so uncomfortable that you want to leave the house ASAP. You may wonder if there is any problem with the furnace. Did the owner use the low-quality material on home improvement? Did the owner rent the property out and not taking care of it for a long time? As a seller, you should always think from the buyer's perspective. Ensure people coming in the house feel cozy. Keep your room temperature around 70 Fahrenheit. You will earn a better return by paying only a modest cost on gas.

Keep your house bright! Winter in Ontario can be long and depressed. The gloomy weather can dramatically alter one's psychology. Try to fix your lights in every corner of your home. Different sections can have different lightings. Put brightest daylight bulbs in the corridor or bathroom will make a room feel warm. A less fluorescent white color soft bulb in the living rooms and bedrooms are calmer and more suitable. When a potential buyer visits your home, leave the curtain open. Ensure every aspect of natural lights coming into your house. If it is snowing, a pleasant contrast of a cozy warm home against white cold snow will make the buyer desire to stay longer in your house. They may ultimately fall in love with your house and put up an offer.

It is imperative to clean up snow in front of your house promptly. You do not want any accidents that happen to a potential buyer around your home. Pile of snow in front of the garage may also indicate that the seller does not have time to resolve his house issues quickly. A negative first impression may diminish the likelihood of the buyer sending an offer.

Finally, as in any other season, get the house professionally cleaned and fix all known problems before placing it on the market. Perform some improvements such as wall painting, changings floors, or upgrading the kitchen, etc. to make the house feel more appealing to the buyer. Added expert staging will make the room feel warm and cozy in the cold winter.

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