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Importance of home Staging - House for Sale!

Saturday Oct 05th, 2019


I often tell my clients that selling a house is like a competition. Comparable houses in a neighbourhood will draw away potential buyers. Identifying the target buyer will help you plan well before the sale. And proper home staging will help your home stand out and be sold fast and above market price.

Some view home staging is a waste of money, as any house can sell when the market is hot. However, buyers in today’s market have many alternatives. They want to know how to place furniture and yearn to have an emotional connection to the house.

Home staging will allow you to effectively position your house, highlight its strengths, and conceal its deficiencies. Many buyers ask Alan Zheng if they can guarantee sales after they stage their homes. I will advise them to have the house professionally cleaned and fix all known problems before staging. If the seller has extra money, I will suggest renovation of areas such as walls, floors, the kitchen, etc.  based on their condition. If the seller follows my pricing strategy, I can help him sell fast at market prices.

Some sellers will want to stage their homes by themselves to save costs. Note that your taste could be very different from that of the target buyers. The typical cost of home staging is between 2K and 5K depending on the size of the property. An expert home stager can perform hundreds of stagings per year.  S/he can recommend the best design after viewing your home. I recently sold an old house in Toronto. Its condition was average. However, it is adjacent to a top-ranked public school. I knew that a young family with a small child was very likely to move into this neighbourhood. I asked the home stager to design the home so that it would suit this type of family. Even though there were other houses selling in the same street, I was able to sell the house within two weeks and at the market price. The buyer was exactly a small family with a daughter attending that public school.

Home staging is no panacea. It is a catalyst. Only with the right combination of marketing strategy will a potential buyer discover the true beauty of the house and offer the full market price.

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