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Home-improvement trends that you should avoid when selling your home

Monday Nov 18th, 2019


Generally, when it comes to home improvements, these can be very useful to highlight the best of their spaces and thereby capture the interest of potential buyers in a sales situation.

However, it is inevitable to take into account the impacts which can have on the final price of the property. Since, depending on the type of improvement applied, this can increase or decrease its value.



Within the home improvements, there are tendencies that although they can potentiate their aspect, it is necessary to avoid them to facilitate their sale in case your stay in it is not very long.



Extravagant colours and designs

When making changes in the colour of walls or the appearance of other elements of your home such as wooden floors or granite countertops, avoid falling into excesses by using too flashy colours or designs as potential buyers may not like these changes.

On the contrary, it is appropriate to maintain a range of neutrality, using for this, colours and designs that are appreciable by a broad spectrum of potential home buyers.




You may consider that adding a few extra meters to your home could increase the chances of selling it.

However, this measure could be counterproductive if the final price of your house after the change exceeds the reasonable value of the properties in the neighbourhood.

It is best to abandon this plan and keep your home improvements within a budget equivalent to 10% of its value.




Expensive domestic projects

if you have contemplated staying for a short time living in the house you purchased, you should keep in mind that the money you invest in the renovation may not be entirely recoverable at the time of placing it for sale.

It is especially true if you make home improvements that represent a considerable expense of money such as the replacement of cladding or the placement of finished kitchen cabinets, which may not guarantee an increase in the final value of the property.



Sophisticated customizations

If you are the type of person who is frequently carrying out home improvements, you should make sure that these improvements do not result in highly specialized maintenance methods that imply an extra effort for the next owners in case you want to sell your home.

Avoid the use of trends that can radically change the appearance of your home as open shelves instead of kitchen cabinets, an intricate garden or the reduction of spaces.



Special finishes

Even though your cabinet hardware, plumbing, and lighting fixtures can get an excellent finish with a special fitting, this could have a negative impact when you decide to sell your home.

Metal trends such as matte black, oiled bronze, or pink gold are tempting when it comes to home improvements, but they can be a drawback to potential home buyers.

It will be a high cost for new homeowners to change all these matching items.

Polished nickel, brass or chrome finishes represent more timeless and appropriate options to be applied over these items when you decide to sell your home.




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