Balance three elements to sell your house

Sunday Nov 17th, 2019


When selling a house, many homeowners believe their homes are perfect and should worth more than their neighbours. It is valid after so many years of living that homeowners had a lot of good memories in it. They have developed long-lasting emotional attachments to the house, which are priceless assets to the owner. But to prospective buyers, this asset does not apply. Buyers are seeking a perfect home to suit their own needs. The PERFECT means the best price, best location, and best condition. As a seller, you can develop a strategy to balance the perfection of each element to attract the right buyers.


The price element. Correct pricing is crucial to any property sale. In the Toronto market, we often notice a seller adopts a lower price strategy to attract multiple bids to obtain the best price. On the other hand, some sellers set the price higher to expect buyers to negotiate and offer a market price eventually. Which price strategy is most suitable also depends on the house location and conditions.

The location element. If your property is in downtown Toronto, congratulation, you can expect a lot of buyer’s interest. But even so, you should not overprice it as the buyer will always verify its condition and compare the price recently sold in the neighbourhood. If your home is at Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill or other York Region, there are also many buyers. Still, you need to price it right and be patient to get a satisfying offer.

The condition element. Fix all significant issues, restore missing parts, and replace all faulty items. You want the buyer to consider your house on the top of the list. Change the roof, update the floor and give fresh paint if possible. If you have enough budget, upgrade the kitchen and bathroom and hire a professional home stager to decorate your home. Sometimes you need to invest a small amount of money to earn big money. A buyer will see those values and is willing to offer a generous payment.

As an experienced Seller agent, Alan Zheng will work with the seller to develop a well-rounded marketing plan and price strategy tailored to the house to secure the best price from the buyer.

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